To make it convenient and easy to use, no advertisements are placed.
Therefore, we will operate the site with your donations.
Please donate.
You can donate via bitcoin and paypal

the administrator is a very poor uber-deliveryman, so I decided to make the site possible through your donations.
If you have a picture you would like us to create, please feel free to write it down.
We may not be able to respond to all requests.
If you make a request, please also indicate whether it is a picture or a live-action style.


I have server costs and other expenses, so we would appreciate your donations.


Once I have accumulated a certain amount of donations, I would like to strengthen the server and increase the loading speed.
1USD (130JPY)= a bottle of coke
5USD(650JPY)=a cup of Starbucks coffee
10USD(1300JPY)=1 pizza



Address 1LaN2KaxQqxXKisTaUzPeb7KY47T6cyT4A


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